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Representative Example: Amount of credit: £200 for 28 days. One total repayment of £244.80. Interest: £44.80. Interest rate: 292% pa (fixed). 1294.1% APR Representative.

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Guaranteed Payday Loans

Sometimes you need a little money fast. Either you miscalculated your budget and find yourself unable to pay a particular bill or make rent, or you were hit by an unexpected expense whether your car has broken down or your plumbing is faulty.
Whatever the case, this can put you in trouble if you have a bad credit rating. A credit rating is a score that you receive based on your previously demonstrated ability (or inability) to pay back debts. If you have a good credit score, then that means that historically, you have proven that you’re able to pay off loans on time and in full. If you have a poor rating, it means that you have missed repayments, defaulted and perhaps even been declared bankrupt.

But this previous difficulty doesn’t make your need for a quick loan any less urgent and if you can’t find a lender willing to overlook that issue, then you can face mounting charges and further difficulty. That’s where guaranteed payday loans come in.

What Are Guaranteed Payday Loans?

So what exactly are guaranteed payday loans? To answer this question, we can split the term into its two constituent parts.
A payday loan is a loan designed to tide you over with a small amount of money over a short period. You’ll be borrowing a small lump sum with a very high APR but you’ll be paying it back quickly in order to minimise the total amount that this adds up to. This means you’ll be borrowing a few hundred dollars in many cases over a matter of weeks or months and will pay somewhere in the region of $15-$200 in fees. If you badly need the cash, then this is likely an amount you’ll be willing to pay and you’ll thereby be able to avoid getting into more trouble by missing repayments on other loans, by failing to make rent etc.

More About Guaranteed Payday Loans

The word guaranteed meanwhile can mean more than one thing. In the context of loans, guaranteed often means that you are securing your loan using your property or potentially another asset. This way, you are agreeing to terms wherein failing to repay your loan can result in your home being seized by the lender and used to offset the remaining loan amount.
Generally, though, payday loans do not require this type of guarantee as the amount is small enough that they can afford to take the risk – even if you have a bad credit score.

So instead, guaranteed payday loans simply mean that you are guaranteed approval for the loan. That means that no matter what your demographic, what your credit history, what your circumstances… you should be able to get the money you need.
Of course, this is a massive relief for anyone who desperately needs funds and has been unable to get them – but it does also mean you often pay a slightly higher price. As always, be sure to shop around and check the best rates!


Can I get a Payday Loan from Vamoola?

To see if you qualify for a Vamoola payday loan, you can apply online or on your mobile phone. As long as you’re 18 years of age, have a valid UK bank account, are employed and receive a regular paycheque, and are a resident of the UK, you can apply at Vamoola! After you apply, we process your application and give you a decision on your application.


What if I need more time to repay my loan?

If you find yourself needing more time to repay your Vamoola payday loan, contact our customer service team immediately. We’ll work with you directly to come up with a solution to help you set up more manageable payments.
You can contact us via email, phone or live chat seven days a week!


Does Vamoola offer a “Quick Payday Loan”?

A “Quick payday loan” is something that lending companies like to advertise, and as a result, it’s something consumers are looking for. But some companies that offer a quick payday loan don’t always have the consumer’s best interest at heart. That is why we will tell you that Vamoola does not offer a “quick payday loan” — but once you submit your application, we will review your information and make a loan decision, typically within 30 minutes or less. If approved, we’ll send the cash to your bank account within 10 minutes after approval, and we think that’s pretty fast.


The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get a Payday Loan

It’s not easy for everyone to obtain approval for a payday loan. Banks may turn you down if your credit isn’t good enough. Other lenders may take one look at your income and deny you based on how much you make. Here at Vamoola, we make it easy to get a loan. In fact, you probably won’t find an easier way to obtain loan approval.


The Application Process

That’s because of our unique application method. You don’t apply directly to lenders, getting turned down by one until you find one that will take you on. Instead, you fill out our short application form, and as a broker, we filter your application through the many different guidelines and requirements that our lenders have in place for their payday loan. We find the loan that works best for you from the lender that is most likely to approve you for that loan.


The Lenders

We have lots of lenders to onboard, so it’s never a problem to find one that will give you a loan, no matter how bad your credit is or what your financial situation is like. We have lenders that have loans available for all kinds of credit histories. It doesn’t matter what yours is, because there is a loan waiting for you. We make it easy to find, since we do all the searching for you. It only takes a minute or two to fill out the form, and then you can get a result back in a few moments after that. It’s so fast that you won’t have time to look anywhere else for the loan you need and you won’t have to. The turn around is so fast you will be surprised at how quickly you can have money in your account. The lenders are very quick to respond as, like us, they have a team that filter through each application the moment it comes in. What this means is that you will save more time and money than trying to filter through the companies yourself, let us find the best lender for you.


How You Receive Your Money

It’s also very simple to get the money from your loan once you have been approved. We use reliable lenders who will send the funds directly to your bank account. It can take as little as 24 hours, but some lenders do take up to three days to deposit the funds. Once the funds are in your bank, you have access to them immediately. Just be sure you pay attention to the repayment terms so you are prepared to pay the money you owe by the time it is due. Before you can be approved for a loan and the money can be sent to you, you will definitely need to provide the lender with banking information. They need to know where to send the funds. They may also require that you answer some additional questions or that you provide some further documentation. The process varies from one lender to the next, so please pay attention to their individual requirements.


What You Will Pay

You will always be required to pay the base amount that you borrowed back to the lender as well as a percentage of that in the form of interest. The interest will be compounded the longer you take to repay the loan and interest. There may also be an initial fee to pay, and there will certainly be late fees and other expenses that accrue if you pay late.
How much the interest is, how long you have to pay back and even the base loan amount will all depend on the kind of loan you have. Short term loans tend to be smaller in size but have higher interest rates. Long term or private loans tend to be larger and have lower interest rates.
Be sure you look over the terms of the loan agreement before you sign up for one. If the terms are not agreeable to you, then simply request a different one from us at Vamoola. We want you to be happy with the loan you get.

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